George Morton-Clark was born and raised in Tooting, South London; a descendant of Sir Joshua Reynolds, the founder, and first president of the Royal Academy of Arts.

He studied animation for 3 years at  London University, Surrey Institute of Art and Design.  After gaining his BA he left to pursue an art career but the animation aspect has never really left his craft.

Now based in East London he has his work in major collections across the US, Europe, The Middle East and the Far East.  George has exhibited alongside the likes of George Condo, Tracey Emin, Andrew Salgado, Nick Gentry and Damien Hirst. He has also collaborated with major brands including DeLonghi, The Macmillan Cancer Trust and Penguin Books.

This year he sold out his works in a major show in Beirut concluding with 24 pieces going to prestigious collections across the world.

His works are large and bold canvases of oil and acrylic within a contemporary abstract form. He takes his inspiration from films, music, his travels and pop imagery.

“I want my art to excite people. I know I have created a decent painting when I look at it and feel my pupils dilate. I want the same to happen to the viewer and for them to experience something similar to what I did while painting it”.
– George Morton-Clark