Born in Ireland and now based between Dublin and London, Fin DAC spends much of the time on the road, actively working throughout the world.

Through his work, which he describes as “Urban Aesthetics”, the artist explores themes related to female empowerment, re-jigging the male gaze and disrupting colonialist attitudes surrounding the Eastern experience.

He often depicts East Asian women and is inspired by traditions, such as kabuki and ceremonial dressing, in which these women engage. His interest; however, is not superficial or thoughtless. In his illustration of these women, Fin DAC reframes racial and sexual stereotypes that surround them, crafting a narrative that celebrates their sensuality and with cultural sensitivity, rather than appropriation.

When he works in an outdoor context, Fin DAC’s women are immense, claiming ownership over their built, urban environment, but also equally feminine, with classically delicate features.

Through this duality, Fin DAC asserts that women are at once powerful and vulnerable, aesthetic creatures and intellectual beings, physically capable and with deep emotional reserves.